Chase Holung | Operations Manager

I am the Operations Manager for True Tone Vibes. My responsibility is to ensure that the production line is organize and up to date to requirements. When head of Directors partake in meetings to future planning events, I then receive the blue prints from head office. With all of the information gathered from prior meetings, I then analyze and arrange staff for particular department, and equipment for the event. 

As a Operations Manager it is very important that I meet expectations with no delay. I would also ensure that Pristine Music (True Tone) will satisfy our clients.

Sheshana Holung | Strategic Marketing

I lead a collaborative effort to create a unified content go-to-market strategies that not only heighten and strengthen client relations, but also sustain generational relationships.

Through these collaborations with influential teams abroad, delivering valuable insights and brand integrity are of the highest.

Britney Holung | Media Producer 

I am a passionate photographer who was born in Jamaica. My journey in photography commenced at the age of 12 when i discovered a love for nature in whatever form and taking pictures of anything in sight became the norm for me. 

This love propelled me to enter art and photography competitions. Since then i have taken pictures of not only nature, but at parties and various functions. I am still a tender plant with much room to thrive with each passing day. I currently work at TrueTone entertainment and my job entails portraying the image of the business by handling all the social media aspects .

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